Thursday, September 21, 2006

I have only recently discovered the many worlds of blogging. Until now I always thought it was for people who really have something important to say that everybody should know about. Like about politics or maybe sports, because my husband reads some sports blog. What I have discovered is that it's not all about saying something really important to everyone, but sharing things that some people might find interesting and maybe on occasion important. I came across a lot of blogs by people making crafty things. These really connected with me because I love lots of crafty things. So, I could sit and browse these blogs and be so impressed with their creativity all day long. Meanwhile, I have couple of unfinished projects that I have invested a lot of time into, but can't wrangle the moto to get them done. Really I just need like 5 hours more on each of these and they will be done and I can move on to a new project. I will begin my blog as an incentive to finish them and show them off.