Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

One last peek at a big project from the end of 2008. I made 9 of these wreaths for all the families on my Christmas list. While they did take a lot of time to complete, I really liked not having to figure out many different gifts for many different people. I think everyone liked them, I sure thought they were cute.
In my spare moments before Christmas, I also worked on another house for my advent village. Since, there was no way I was going to be able to finish the whole thing before Christmas, I think I will just aim for having it done before Christmas 2009. That will give me plenty of time for all the details.
My brother is expecting a new baby soon and the shower is today. I'm not able to go, but I wanted to have a gift there for the special day. I made this baby quilt for the upcoming bundle of joy in this really simple snowball pattern. I went through all my fabric and pulled out only the stuff that I LOVE. I have so many wonderful novelty fabrics and I'm always looking for a reason to use them up.

Taking a good photo of a quilt is next to impossible, especially when the "help" is not so cooperative.

Here is my little helper on one of her favorite Christmas presents from Grandma. In the background is Maria's big present, a Hello Kitty sewing machine. It is so stinkin cute and works great. I found that cute little desk and the consignment shop and painted it red so it would look new. It's her own little work station. Excatly what a busy girl like Maria needs.
Ah! I'm so glad I put this post together. I had been feeling all out of sorts and unproductive for awhile now. Thinking I wasn't making use of my time and not completing anything that I start. Nine wreaths, 3 coats of paint on the red desk and chair, one quilted house, one baby quilts, and a handknit cotton washcloth I didn't even take a photo of is not so bad for one month of crafting. That's why I do this. No time to spellcheck, I gotta go.