Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Frozen February

For a month that most people in Chicago find miserable, this February has been pretty fun so far. Jim got surprise tickets to the Super Bowl in Miami! Yea! Go Bears! We went all out and stayed at a nice hotel on the beach and ate nice food. It was tons of fun to go to such an exciting event and amazing that it was the Bears playing in the game. I wore my Patagonia raincoat and was confident that when the rain started I would be fine. Well, by the end of the first quarter I felt drops running down the skin of my back. I didn't know why that would be happening when I was wearing this excellent raincoat. Must be condensation.
It ends up my thinking was as cloudy as the skies on many things that day. It was not condensation on my back, that was rain. I was not wearing a raincoat, just an expensive piece of twill with a hood. Rex Grossman would not finally be redeemed, the Bears lost. It was very fun no matter what.
It was great to get away and be with Jim. He has been off travelling the world for the past month and having a lot of exciting new experiences. I have felt very left out that I couldn't share those with him. This trip to Miami really came at the perfect time.
The other fun thing about February are all the Birthdays. Mine, Jim's, our niece, our nephew, my father, Abe Lincoln, George Washington. For my niece I made the doll in the photos above. I just loved making her and I think that she came out really pretty. The pattern is from Martha Stewart's web site for a cloth doll. Of course, both Maria and Betsy want one too. I went right out yesterday to get supplies to make more of these girls. I'm well stocked for some fun indoor crafting during this big snowstorm and deep freeze we have going on this week. I can't wait to get started.

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