Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The last thing I knew, all I was thinking about were the quilts I'm planning to make. Somehow, the first thing to land under my sewing machine was this elephant. She was a gift for Betsy, who had her fourth this weekend. She is just the cutest thing, I can't believe she is 4! Her birthday came up on me kinda fast. One day last week I realized that there would be no point over the next few days that I would be able to get out of the house, without Betsy, and get her a gift. I made the pattern for the elephant myself which is always fun and challenging. I used two thrifted wool skirts for the fabric. I put poly-fill beads in her feet so she might be able to stand, but she is still top heavy. I think I just needed to crank out a fast project before diving into these quilts. Most of the cutting is already done for one of them, so I should be able to start sewing real soon.

O.K, I really want to do this post, but it has taken me about three days to get this far. I feel very scatter-brained right now and I'm having a hard time staying with one thing for too long. The addition of this little beauty has made for a very busy life around here. Thank God she is absolutely the best baby. She smiles like other babies cry. She is so enjoyable to be with and so lovable it breaks my heart. But she is a baby. Babies are a lot of hands-on work. I just feel pretty spread thin at times trying to stay on top of what each of the kids need and all that's needed to make the house run smoothly. I don't think I'm really dropping the ball on anything, but I guess I'm just struggling to find a rhythm. Now that school has started I feel like things might come together. I hope.


The Calico Cat said...

Love those Fairy Tale prints & that simple setting... (I have used it a couple times.)

Thanks for the comment on my Plain Spoken.

janet clare said...

She is cute! You can definitely drop the housework in my opinion- no-one ever lay on their death bed and said 'I wish I'd done more dusting'. I'm glad you can't see my house though!!