Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All I've got is time.

With my new found enthusiasm for Maria's quilt I have decided to add a lot of applique all around the border. I'm also thinking of trying to hand quilt this one. If it is too slow I can always put it under the machine later, but I really like the look of hand quilting. I saw the Thimblelady on Simply Quilts once, so I'm going to try her technique for hand quilting. I even ordered one of her rubber thimbles. Has anyone ever tried this? So this will be a longer project, but that is OK. I have a few projects in the works right now, so I can switch around if I get bored. I also have plenty of laundry to fold if I run out of things to do. Really, the laundry is ridiculous!


sew ritzy titzy said...

I love your quilts, etc....your blog is lovely. Please let us know how the thimble works for you--I have been so curious about how it works.

Jennifer said...

I really like your ideas on adding applique, hand quilting, etc. I am also one of those "pin, baste, take my time" kind of person. Also, since I don't churn out quilt tops every other week, I am just fine with taking extra time to make something just the way I want it to be. Your quilt will turn out beautifully!

I had the pleasure of meeting the Thimblelady in person at a show, and she is amazing. I am still practicing my technique, with her needles and plastic thimble (those came free along with her book/DVD as a special at the quilt show)