Monday, February 11, 2008

Before my very eyes

Each day at home with four young children can be monotonous and seem the same, but at the same time they change so fast. It is hard to keep up. Look what's happening this week. Patrick and Tess are so much alike. When I look at these two pictures I see so much sweet pride in each of their eyes. They have no idea how proud I am of them.


Lisa Boyer said...

So sweet. My little boy is grown up and gone to college; I miss having a little one around so much. I'm glad you're cherishing these moments (man, I got sick of people telling me to do just that when he was little...but it's so so true!!).

Dawn said...

How precious. Your kids are beautiful. The look of love in their eyes is so obvious---must be mirroring Mom's love!

Janet Walsh said...

Tess is growing up altogether too fast. I love the look on her face, so content. How I love the space where Patrick has lost his too front teeth. So, so cute!