Sunday, April 13, 2008

If you don't like cute, you've come to the wrong blog

A wonderful shaft of light comes through our house before sunset. It comes in through the living/sewing room window and goes straight through all the way to the dining room. Here are some things it caught in its path tonight.

Some sewing bits that are taking me a very long time to pull together.

Tess in all her glory.

I swear she is this enjoyable every single minute of the day.


Dawn said...

What a little peanut! Your pics brought a huge smile to my face--they make your heart melt, don't they?

I thought of you when I was at my hand-quilting class yesterday--knowing that you are finding success in this and hoping I could too. I even went to Thimblelady's website to check out her thimbles etc....

Our teacher also told us that if we can--use wool batting. Just like sewing through butter. The only drawback is its price. Otherwise the polyester (even tho it tends to beard) is best, because yes, cotton is soooooo hard to sew through. I bent and broke about 5 needles yesterday trying to attempt the cotton.

I can email you how to make that cording on that chatelaine. It's really easy-peasy. Let me know.

Have a good one, Jenna!

janet clare said...

way to go Tess!

jan in nagasaki said...

tess is surfing on a shaft of sun!!!

sun boarding!!!!!

walking on sunshine!!!!!

looking for fun and feeling groovy!

Teresa said...

I love "cute" so I"m here!...
What a lovely smile Tess has!... she is so cute!...
Congratulations for your 4 kids, they are lovely! and for your work