Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The end of summer

Indulge me with a few vacation photos. We just returned from a week in northern Michigan at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Forest. It is as pretty as can be up there. The forest goes right up to the Lake Michigan shoreline. Those are the Empire Bluffs behind Jim and the kids and in some places they are like 500 feet high.

We had fantastic weather. In fact, beautiful weather has followed me around all summer. I have never known a summer filled with so many perfect weather days. See in this first photo it was raining in Michigan when we got there, but then it stopped. It didn't rain again until the morning that we left.
At the cottage we stayed at there was a hula-hoop that quickly became the favorite toy of the week. It is so funny because we have had them laying around the garage for years and the kids have never seemed so interested in hula-hooping. This little video cracks me up.

I have an awesome back-to-school dress to post, but I'm to lazy to get up and find all the cords and camera and do all the stuff . I'll post it real soon. Maybe it won't be like three weeks before I do another post.


janet clare said...

so you've had all the good weather! We in the UK have been wearing long sleeve t shirts and jeans all 'summer' and waterproofs to go out- I don't feel refreshed or ready for the Autumn at all, such a shame.

Great video!

jan in nagasaki said...

wow, it sounds great. What a fabulous looking family you have!!!

that reminds me, we have a hula hoop somewhere around here, I should dig it out , we still have a few more days till school starts and the kids are driving me crazy!

with jet lag, we are waking up at the crack of dawn and the days are just dragging!!!

geandma j said...

Love the video as always. We could watch it over and over.

Dawn said...

Your pics are breath-taking. Especially the one on the dock -- wow, beautiful!

A gorgeous family and looks like a gorgeous time!

Enjoy your weekend.