Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Wow! I'm so happy Obama won. I've been smitten since his keynote address in 2004 and I'm so proud that so many Americans came out and supported him for President. I don't just think he will be a good President, I think he will be a great one. I could go on all day, but I won't.

So I made a very sweet little red riding hood costume for Maria for Halloween. I'd love to put some of the beautiful photos of her wearing it right here. I would write about the lovely, soft blue wool I got for a song on E-bay (that never happens anymore). I'd show another photo of the darling fairy tale fabric I used to line the red cape. I'd even love to upload some cute photos of Tess as a Strawberry fairy and Betsy as a Princess. It would be the photo fantastic post I've been working towards for weeks! But I can't do that because somebody stole my camera out of our car in the driveway last night. Very creepy.


janet clare said...

I'm glad he won too.
Bad news about the camera but it is only a thing and can be replaced- hope you haven't lost too many photos though.

Dawn said...

Oh, nice (note-->sarcasm) that someone would actually steal your camera. But I am sure with your super knack at creative sewing your projects are darling even if there are no pics to show.