Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Pirate Stole My Horse and Treasure!

Patrick has been a huge fan of Lego for years. Recently he has discovered YouTube and has spent lots of time watching homemade videos of Spongebob, Mario, and Lego. He took a class at the Park District and learned some of the basics of stop-motion animation. Oh the fun! We figured out how to do it very easily using our digital camera and imovie. This is a fantastic next step for him to extend the ways he plays with his Legos.

He did this all on his own. He took all the photos and did the voice over himself. Most of the time I was not even in the room with him. The song at the end is The Entertainer, his latest piece on the piano. I love how his narration is so much like how kids talk while they are playing.

Here's a link to the youtube version if this doesn't work

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