Saturday, December 09, 2006

Totally, totally lazy

As I feared, I have blown off my major Christmas project for another year. I have so little energy that nothing gets done after the kids go to bed. I just don't really have the time during the day to complete a big secret project for the kids. I think I might just do it and not make it a gift, that way they can see it while it is made. The other thing is that I really want to knit a blanket for the new baby and I'm not so much in the mood for sewing. Sewing involves to much getting up off the couch for me right now. Of course before I can't do any of my crafty projects because I need to get a grip on sending gifts all over the country and ordering Christmas cards.

I need to focus my spacey mind. This time of the year is so much fun, but also so demanding. I did a lot of baking for Thanksgiving (ginger pumpkin pie, rum cake, cherry chocolate-chip cookies, lamingtons and more!) so I think it is time for me to leave the kitchen for awhile. The weather has been frigid so any outside fun will have to wait. We tried sledding the other morning and Betsy's hands were frost-bit in less than a half and hour even with gloves. She was really screaming, I felt so bad. This brings me back inside and thinking of all the gifts that need to be sent. I get so hung up up on picking gifts for some of my nieces and nephew's. They truly have any and everything they could ever possibly want. I'm not saying it like they are spoiled or ungrateful, they are all charming and nice. It is just that age old question of what do you get for the person who has everything? A charitable donation? Is that too weird for young kids? I would not win any points for being the "fun Auntie" in Chicago with that. Hmmm. It is at this point that I wish I would endeavor in some more speedy craft projects throughout the year. Something thoughtful and homemade might be well appreciated (or maybe not), I just don't know. I will get it all done and if I am good I will sit down and blaze thru it all today!

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