Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween fun!

I finally finished the two costumes for the girls. Princess was done from a pattern that was supposed to be "easy". It was not too hard. For someone who has done a lot of sewing it probably would be easy. I found the 8 layers of tulle a little tricky and putting in the zipper I just wanted to make it work, following the instruction was beyond me.
The maple leaf was a lot more fun in the initial stages. I liked picking the fabrics. I liked drawing the leaf shapes and cutting them out. I liked arranging and fusing all the stems and colors down. I loved stitching everything into place with gold shiny thread. All that was left was to bind all the layers together. What I now know is that there is a very good reason why almost all quilts have straight sides. It is frustratingly, swear inducing impossible to neatly bind around points and curves! It took so long and is more sloppy than I would like. "Kids costume, kids costume", is what I chanted to myself over and over. I was so worked up about it being neat and I have no idea why. Was somebody going to be judging this , or care, or even know that I made it in the first place? The girls had a lot of fun in them for the couple of days that they wore them and I got a lot of nice remarks about the maple leaf.

Trick-or-treating was fun in the new neighborhood. The sidewalks were crowded with kids and all the moms and dads were partying. Space in wagons was reserved for coolers of beer, not for children tired of walking. I think we picked the right town when we moved.

My pregnancy is going along well. I'm about 11 weeks now and feel really sick all the time, as to be expected. My second ultrasound revealed a little surprise. The Dr. thought there might have been what they call a "vanishing twin". This blew me away. I felt relieved that I wasn't carrying twins. Jim and my mom both thought it would have been fun.

Next week is Chris and Angela's wedding in Virginia. It will be a whole family affair and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody. It should be a ton of fun.

I have a big Christmas project planned and want to get started on it soon. I have so many ideas for it I just don't want to get lazy and blow it off. I will need all the time I can get to finish it on time and the way I want.

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