Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy bunny and sad fish

Over the past week I have managed to get a little bit of crafting done. I made this bunny from more of the wool sweaters from the trift store. I did a few mock-ups in muslin before I was happy with her shape. She was fun and I'm happy to have a design that I can use as a quick hand made baby gift. I have started on another animal that is coming along nicely, but there is still more work before I will post the photo.

Jim is still away for another week. Can't wait till he gets back. Seems like he has been away for ever! My mom can to visit for the past week and we had a wonderful visit. On Saturday there was a funfair at Patrick's school. Pat really, really wanted a goldfish. We waited in a tremendous line three times to have a try at throwing the ping pong ball in the bowls. They would let him stand right over the the bowls an tell him to drop the ball in, but he would keep throwing the ball super hard and it would go flying away. He was on the verge of panic tears when they finally gave him a ticket to just go get a fish. He turned around and yelled to the crowd of kids in the room "he gave me a ticket and I didn't even get it in the bowl!" Now it was my mom and I in tears laughing so hard.

So Pat goes to school on Monday and, of course, his fish, the smallest of the three, dies. When he gets home and sees the poor fellow floating in the crystal ice bucket of a fish bowl he felt really sad and started crying. He went to his room and spent some time to himself and came back down about an hour later and seemed O.K. I told him it was time for him to start his homework. He sits down with his math worksheet and starts working on some story problems. For the final question he needed to write his own story problem. This is what he wrote. "I had 3 goldfish. 1 diyd. How maeny ar left. 3-1=2."

He has not mentioned the fish again.

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