Sunday, January 14, 2007

Life after the holidays

Many of our days over the winter break are best described by the photo on the sofa. But I did get some crafting done. The sweater chicken was made from a Martha Stewart pattern that she did on her show in December. I also made the knitting bag, pig and a ball from old felted sweaters. The bag came out really cute. It was made from an old irish sweater and I added handles and flowers and buttons. Really cute. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it before I gave it to my mother-in-law. I filled it with some beautiful yarn and a pattern for a scarf. What a satisfying person she is to make a present for. She carries it with her everywhere and tells everyone about it. So very nice. She has made so many beautiful things for our family over the years I 'm glad she was pleased with a handemade gift from me.

For the old sweaters I went to a local thrift store and found so many great colored sweaters that I have to come up with more uses for them. It 's just an addictive material to work with. I've been working on a bunny pattern that I think will come out great. My only hang up with stuffed animals is that I can't stand polyfil. Yuck! After calling around and searching the internet I finally found some wool stuffing at Magic Cabin. I ordered an ambitious amount.

Jim was home for the week between Christmas and New Years after a long trip in December. It was great to have him home, but now he left just last night for a 3 week trip. It has been a long time since he has travelled like this. He got a promotion in December and I think it might continue like this for a while.

I almost forgot the most exciting news of all. We had our level II ultrasound and we will be having a baby GIRL. Wow! I love knowing that all this kicking and hiccuping is a little girl. It wasn't the happiest news for Patrick. He had his heart set on a boy to balance things out around the house. I don't blame him. I remember feeling sad as a kid when I found out my mom was having a boy when she had my brother. Patrick said he felt that now it would be very hard on him because he will have three little sisters to keep an eye on. He is a good boy and a great brother.

I have started taking progesterone shots each week which will hopefully reduce the risk of going into preterm labor. Right now I'm at 21 1/2 weeks which is not viable. I'm anxious to get to about 27 weeks. Then at least we have a chance if I go into labor. But really I won't be comfortable until I'm at 34 weeks. That is when Betsy was born and she, and we, were able to get through that without any problems. Other than those worries, I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy. I love the kicking. I'm not stressing about weight. This will be the last time (for sure!) and I feel more bitter sweet about it than I remember with Betsy.

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