Tuesday, March 13, 2007

three dolls for three sisters

I have spent the past three weeks working on these dolls. I just love the final result. I will be having another baby girl in May and I figured if I didn't make her a doll now I might not get around to it for a long time. Dolls are so much fun because it really is very difficult to ever be totally done. They could always use a new dress, or shoes, or maybe a new knit sweater. I guess the fun of playing with dolls is just as great for a 36 year old as it is for a 6 year old. I was very nervous about the faces. I have done very little embroidery in the past so it was a very slow process. I didn't really like the way the faces looked at first, but once they were all done their personalities grew on me.

I have now started working on a crochet blanket for the new baby. Tess is what we have been calling her for a couple weeks now. Jim came home from England and said he only heard one name that really jumped out at him that he liked and it was Tess. While he was away I was talking to my mom and she said that one of her favorite names in the whole world was Tess, and that she would love to have a granddaughter named Tess. I was so amazed that two of the most important people in the life of this little girl would feel this way about the same, somewhat unusual, name. I figure it must be a good sign. Everyday I'm blown away by the fact that I am pregnant, still pregnant at 29 weeks, and that this will be the last time I will ever be pregnant. It is so exciting and yet bittersweet. I wish life was not so linear. That I could return some day to the feeling of a baby moving in my belly or that I could jump forward right now and smell her newborn head.

I'm hoping to crash through through this crochet blanket quickly so that I might be able to get through one or two more projects before Tess is born. The thing is, I am super slow at everything. I try to be fast, but I just am not. I don't know how people get through their projects so fast. I've always done everything slowly. Even writing this post is taking me too long!

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