Monday, June 09, 2008

From five to six

What a difference their is between five and six. Maria, a year ago, was such a handful. She always has been and probably always will be, but sometimes she is a fun handful and sometimes not. One year ago she seemed to pick a fight with me just to have the fight. I worried about her being too impulsive. She didn't think about consequences or how she affected other people. None of these things are true of Maria today. Over the past year she has done so much growing I hardly recognize her sometimes. I'm so proud of all her hard work this year. She is such a fun handful now! She is the artsiest, craftiest, most inspired person I've ever known. Here is a link to her favorite site, Sprout. They have wonderful tutorial videos for easy craft projects. She's able to do them very independently, which is very nice. I just get asked questions like, "I don't need your help Mama, just construction paper, a bendy straw and a sponge." Or, "two paper plates, some beans and wet glue." I'm telling you she probably does two or three projects everyday off this site and they are so cute. Great site.

But, coming up right behind her is Besty! All I have to say is that we had a "Battle Royal" over a strawberry tonight and I think it was a draw. Geez! A Strawberry!


jan in nagasaki said...

jenna, i love reading about your kids. you make it all seem so fun!

Dawn said...

So beautiful, Jenna! And did you make their dress & skirt??

Emily said...

Hi Jenna

I wanted to send you a hello email - but I can't find your address on this site. I spoke to Sue today and she gave me the address for your blog - it's so great! I think of you often and am absolutely amazed at how much creative work you get done (and such beautiful stuff too). Email me!