Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Plan for the quilted chair

A while back, ok like January, I posted about my idea to reupholster a chair with a quilt. I have the chair and am making slow progress on getting it done. But it will get done! I'm determined because I think it is such a great idea. So here is the plan. All I've done so far is made a huge stack of four patch squares in assorted feedsack prints. I'm going to checkerboard these with white like I've shown in this picture. The tricky thing is, I don't think all this patchwork would be stable/sturdy enough because of all the seams. So, what I'm gonna do is layer it to flannel and then quilt the two pieces together. That way there won't be any stress on the patchwork seams. This makes sense, right? I would regret it if I didn't do this, right? If anyone out there sees any flaws in my logic or maybe knows a better way let me know.

I'm going to cover any exposed part of the chair with the patchwork, but I will probably use a coordinating basic fabric for the backs and underneaths of the cushions. Then I've got to figure out how to make the piping, which I think I might use a gingham for that, maybe black and white?

Here is a picture of the chair again that I'm going to recover. I think it will be good because it is all pretty flat and square shaped.
Here is a picture of a quilt top (really 2 identical quilts tops) from e-bay that I wanted to buy and then use for this project. I don't think I would have had the nerve to do that to these quilts, but that was why I was looking on e-bay. In the end they went for over $200 a piece. One thing I love about them is the colors. Vintage patchwork often looks very girly and pinky and flowery, but I don't think these are too much of any of those. I'm inspired by these old quilts to incorporate a lot of plaids and some browns into the mix.


janet clare said...

it's going to look great. I've never covered a chair before, but i have covered a footstool and the patchwork seams are already split in one place. So that is a real consideration. I was wondering if flannel had too much stretch? I think you might need something with a tighter weave?

jan in nagasaki said...

i totally agree with quilting it to something to strengthen it. I covered my couch and was surprised at how quickly some parts wore out. especially in the front, under the knees...anything you can do to reinforce that would be good.

meg said...

I have been thinking about this idea since you thought of it! I am still looking for the perfect simple (and easy to recover) danish chair. Yours it going to look fabulous! Do some posts along the way, because we all want to see how it goes. And quilting it first sounds like a great idea, but man you're making a quilt and a chair! whew!

Andrea said...

I, too, am planning to cover a chair in a quilt (which is how I found your site!) Great ideas, I will definitely be back. Thought you might see a photo set of chairs similar to your plan of using a coordinating fabric on the back and sides. Here's the address: