Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kitchen window

We recently moved from New Jersey to a suburb of Chicago. The new house is great. We spent a good part of the spring/summer getting projects done and making the house "our own". We have just finished my favorite project. We had a carpenter put this old window in a blank wall in our kitchen. The actual window is original to the house, but had been removed and saved in the garage to make room for a familyroom addition. The kitchen felt a little closed off from the other rooms, but I did not think taking the whole wall down would look right in our house. I am so happy with how this has come out. On the other side of the window is where the kids computer is so it is easy to keep an eye on them. The bench comes from our old house in New Jersey. We totally remodeled that kitchen and the bench was from a little breakfast nook. It was way too cute, so we kept it. I also love the lamp. My folks sent it thinking it might work for us because they didn't use it anymore. It was a lamp that hung over our breakfast table for my entire childhood. We hung it a little high because my mother must have said "watch out for the lamp" a least once a day while raising her four kids. I wish I had an interesting story about the table, but it was just a find at the Kane county flea market. There are many things going on over here so I will try to be more regular about posting.

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